In case of “accident of life” (illness, accident, death, loss of employment …), it is very significant to see its mortgage maturity dates supported by its insurer, this allows no not to question the balance of the household’s budget and to be assured of preserving its wealth.

Which guarantees for which bank?

Each bank defines the guarantees to which you must subscribe to grant you the loan. These guarantees are defined in the group insurance contract they propose respectively. To be able to subscribe to an external insurance, you must be in total equivalence with these guarantees. To find out the list of guarantees requested by the main banks, click here.

The DC / PTIA guarantee


Guarantees Death (DC) and Total and Irreversible Loss of Independence (PTIA) are mandatory for a bank to finance a property. They assure the bank the repayment of the remaining principal of the loan in the event of death or total loss and irreversible autonomy of the insured. To learn more about these guarantees, click here.


The Total Inactivity (ITT), Partial Invalidity (IPT) and Partial Permanent Invalidity (IPP) Partial Work Disability guarantees are not mandatory but strongly recommended because they allow to manage the “hard knocks” and take in charge of credit maturities in the event of illness, accident, hospitalization or disability. These guarantees are not all equivalent from one contract to another: consult our advice to choose these guarantees.

Job loss insurance

Job loss insurance

Job loss insurance is a guarantee to consider in the case where an employee is the financial pillar of the home. But big differences exist between the contracts, so we invite you to consult our advice to choose it wisely.